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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sony is releasing two eBook Readers

Finally it’s official. Sony is releasing two new ebook readers, the PRS-300 for $199 and the PRS-600 for $299.

Sony is today delivering on its promise of making digital readers and eBooks accessible and affordable for consumers with the introduction of two new Readers. Part of a new Reader line, the Reader Pocket Edition™ puts a library in your hands for as little as $199. Both the Reader Pocket Edition and the Reader Touch Edition™ will be available at the end of August, at SonyStyle.com, SonyStyle stores and select retail partners. Also, new releases and New York Times bestseller titles in the eBook Store from Sony will now be available for $9.99.

Good news, the eReaders are becoming more and more popular and if you have not bought one yet consider then for your Christmas wish list. You will never regret it, I can tell you that from my own experience, my Kindle is my best investment in the last 10 years.

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