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Monday, August 03, 2009

Microsoft's browserless Windows 7 for the EU

Engadget has published today a screen shot where W7 is asking during the installation what browser do you want to use. This is done to satisfy the EU. 

The saga of Microsoft vs. the European Commission just keeps on keepin' on. MS was accused of harming the browser competition by including IE with Windows, and as part of its pledge to play nice proposed a Europe-only version of Windows 7 that would completely lack Internet Explorer, dubbed Windows 7 E. Last week the company came up with an alternative: a so-called ballot screen version that would allow users to pick (nearly) any browser they like upon start-up -- or just stick with the already installed IE.

Now my question is, will all OS ask the same? When you turn on a Mac in the EU will it ask for what browser do you want to use? What about Ubuntu? or the new Google OS?

Via Engadget