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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

AVS Now Solution

The last Friday I received my Q1 and after have it turned on one time to be sure that everything was working I upgraded it's RAM to 1 GB. After this upgrade the AVS Now partition did not work anymore.

This issue was known to me and I also knew that the solution to it was to enter in the boot menu pressing F8 and deleting the hibernation file. But for my surprise that solution did not work for me. Talking with Kevin Tofel from jkontherun he advised me to do a full restore of AVS Partition using the option for a full restore after having formatted the Hard Drive. He had the same issue and that was the only solution that worked in his case.

Well, that did not work for me either. At that point we started to compare what was different between his machine and mine and we found that in my case the AVS Now Partition had a size of around 1.5 Gb while his partition was around 2.4 Gb. That clarified why my AVS Now was not working: my partition was not big enough to hold the new hibernation file. I spent around a day or two looking for a way to resize that partition but without any luck. At this point I thought that only one thing could be different between Kevin's Q1 and mine: The AVS Now Restoration CD. And I was right, my CD is version BA46-0496511 while his is version BA46-04965A12.

He made an image of his CD (around 400 MB compressed) and uploaded it for me in a ftp site, from that image I created a new CD and restored the AVS Now. That fixed the problem!

I want to add that Yesterday I contacted Samsung's Tech support and they did not have a clue of was going on. But they were very "friendly"and promised me to look into this problem and to contact me with a solution Today. And They did it. When I was in the middle of downloading the 400 MB file I received and email from Samsung asking me for my Q1 Serial No to send me a new CD.

Of course, I have sent Samsung all this information.

Conclusion: The AVS Now partition will not work after a RAM upgrade from 512 to 1Gb. This issue can be fixed entering in the boot Menu pressing F8 right after turning on the AVS Now, and deleting the hibernation file. This solution will work only if the AVS Now has a size of 2502 MBs. If your Partition is not that big you have to restore the AVS Now partition using a CD Version BA46-04965A12. You have to select the option of Restoring after a Hard Drive Format. This option will destroy all your Hard Drive information, that means that you will have to restore the XP partition and reinstall the drivers CD too.