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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

TabletKiosk Mosaic

I just received some tips about what is going on at TabletKiosk.
  • The Extended Battery should be shipped in August - "we've had huge demand so we are ramping up plenty of stock before releasing..."

  • I could not get any pictures from TabletKiosk of the so called "Port Replicator" that should be released before the actual "Docking Port" but this is what they told me: "it's a compact box with curved edges like the v7110 and has USB x 2, VGA Out and 10/100 Ethernet connection and plug into the eo's docking connection. It's great for mobile usage, since its so small."

All this followed by "we are making a big commitment to the UMPC platform" - I don't know why but this reminded me the rumors about... I wont make any comment about this phrase, you better make your own conclusions.