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Friday, November 20, 2009

Google Chrome OS, all time connected

Recently I found a video, and honestly I do not remember where in the web,  where Google explains What’s Google Chrome OS. To summarize, an all time connected to the cloud OS. A version of Android and I even hesitate to say this because it seems to me that Android does much more thanks to all the applications currently available for this OS. In the way the video explains it, sounds like we all expend 100% of our time in Internet. And probably that’s the case when you are at home, but if I take my day and analyze it, I expend 10 hours at work, around 2 hours at home no connected, around 4 hours at home connected and 8 hours sleeping. That means that I have 10 hours using a PC where I spend just a few minutes in Internet and only 4 hours per day where potentially I could be using Google Chrome for everything. I don’t know if you are getting me point. Google Chrome is not for everybody. I see it in my case like a really good option for a dual boot configuration. But no as my only one OS, unless it’s in a device which only use will be Internet.

Now the question is, will Google Chrome OS be prepared to cover or be fully compatible with all the hardware currently in the market? Because that has been the  biggest problem that Windows always has faced and the cause of most of the problems and instability of this OS, drivers. are we going to have a full plug and play OS or another version of MacOS?

And here is the video: