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Friday, July 18, 2008

Intel CEO talking about Atom

Everybody that comes to read my blog everyday knows that I have been criticizing Intel for releasing about a year ago the first generation of Atom processors, something that I have categorized like a step back and a damage to the UMPC market. A few days ago my friend Chippy posted a very optimistic article after seeing the benchmarks of the latest Atom installed in the Kohjinsha UMPC. And back them I said that I was not impress because that performance is about the same I had in my old Q1 with a Celeron M at 900 MHz. Look at what this Intel CEO says:

""(Atom) is less than a third the performance of our Centrino (processor). You're dealing with something that most of us wouldn't use...

We do not see (Atom) replacing Celeron..."

Bravo Intel! I love when they openly say what they think.

Via: CNET News.com