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Monday, February 01, 2010

The iPad is just a MID

About 3 years ago Microsoft released to the market a new category of Mobile devices: The UMPCs. About a year after Intel created another category for those devices with limited functionalities: Multimedia and Internet. And they called MID. A few days ago, Apple released a device with limited functionalities too: the iPad. A new concept? Far from the reality, here is a list of MID compiled by a friend that do the same thing than the iPad.

Apple, where is your innovations this time?


  1. Frank, you are totally right. when all the hype dissapears, we just can see a big ipod touch with all the bells and whistles focused on sell contents. That's all right for the content producers, but not for us. It is also totally centered on DRM, so you can use that thing only under the strict parameters that Apple offers.

    DRM + pasiveness is a paradise for the companies, but a mess for users.

    The funny thing is that when you talk about Apple products and you dare to critic them, that religious zealots feel outraged and "strikes back" you. This time is just amazing... although not funnier than when Apple launched its x86-based computers, after so many years of producing huge amounts of vapor about "the reality beyond Mhz".

    I guess that every company in this world would really like to enjoy such customers.

  2. The title of this blog post makes me want to hug the author. I am so happy that there are sane people still on the Internet. The iPad is a multitaskless, camless, phoneless, USBless, cardslotless, Flashpluginless, Javaless, unpocketable, oversized, overpriced iPod Touch that costs 2.5 times as much -at least.


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